Workers' Compensation / Social Security

Have you been denied Workers’ Compensation or Social Security?  Are you already receiving Worker’s Compensation benefits and interested in a lump sum settlement?  Did you know that you are entitled to Social Security even if you’re already receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits?Learn More

Personal Injury / Auto

Serious injuries can have devastating affects upon your life.  Personal Injuries are often caused by the negligence of others.  Trauma from an auto accident will require expensive medical treatment, lost wages, and severe pain and suffering.Learn More

Criminal Defense / Expungement

Janet is a former Public Defender for Monroe County and has over 25 years of trial experience. Our entire staff feels passionately about defending your rights and clearing your record.Learn More

Estate / Wills

Planning your estate is one of the most important things you can do to protect your family’s future.  Estate planning and issues of appeal require an accessible and trusted advisor.  We help individuals and businesses plan and protect what matters most. Learn More

Unemployment Compensation

Going before an Unemployment Compensation Referee without an attorney could be a very costly mistake. It is crucial to seek experienced counsel as soon as you receive a Notice of Adverse Determination. Don’t take the risk of being unprepared and alone at your Unemployment Compensation Hearing.Learn More

Employment Discrimination

Discrimination is illegal and it can happen at any stage of employment. Hiring policies, wage distribution, and wrongful termination are often times the cause. Some of the categories protected by the law include race, age, gender, national origin, disability, and religion. Learn More

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What Clients Say

“Excellent, effective and caring representation.  Janet handled my Divorce / Separation matter.  She represented me and gave me expert guidance at a very vulnerable time in my life. She was patient, responsive, insightful and creative in bringing about a quick and successful end to what could have been a much more expensive and painful process. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.”
“Compassionate legal representation. Janet handled my workers’ compensation matter.  She is a very knowledgeable woman. I used Janet’s legal expertise on two different occasions and I would recommend her to anyone. She kept me informed and up to date on my cases and made me feel like a real human being than just “another case”. She took care of all paperwork and gave me advice, through my very stressful times, immediately. She had no problem being contacted at anytime on any given day. Any messages left or any questions posed to her legal assistance were answered in a very timely manner. Fee is very reasonable as well.”
“Janet handled my Workers Compensation matter.  She has been there for me every time I needed her and still is. She has been exceptional as has her associates throughout my case. I was referred to her and would not hesitate to refer her services to anyone else.”
“High praise!  Attorney Jackson represented me in a criminal case about five years ago. She conducted herself professionally and was knowledgeable in all aspects of the case.  Attorney Jackson represented me as if i was a family member and not just a client. I greatly appreciated that gesture. Needless to say, after several days of trial attorney Jackson achieved the intended goal “NOT GUILTY”. I fully recommend attorney Jackson to anyone searching for a good attorney to handle their case.”
“Best lawyer I have every met!.  Janet handled my criminal defense matter.  She is a very hard working, competent, trustworthy attorney. I literally put my life in her hands and she gave us victory. I would call her again if I needed help, She gives her all (which is a great deal) for her cases. She gave up sleep to put in long hours to help me. You simply can NOT go wrong hiring Janet Jackson. I thank her for her quality work ethics and her attention to detail.”
“Top notch criminal defense lawyer.  Miss Jackson represented me in a criminal matter in November of 2010. Her diligence, perseverance and superb attention to detail were key factors in the success of my case. Miss Jackson’s exceptional work ethic illustrates her incredible respect for the law. Her outstanding passion for justice is nothing short of commendable. Miss Jackson is highly trustworthy and deeply compassionate while always maintaining an impressive sense of professionalism. I recommend Janet Jackson without hesitation.”
“Trustworthy and competent lawyer.  Janet handled my workers’ compensation matter.  During a difficult time in my life I needed someone I could trust and depend on and Janet exceeded my expectations. She was always prepared and I am truly grateful.”
“I recommend Attorney Janet Jackson.  She handled my workers’ compensation matter.  She and her staff are very friendly and professional. She worked very hard on my case. I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a hard working, professional lawyer.”
“When I was involved in a serious multiple vehicle car accident a few years ago a friend of mine recommended Leo. He achieved very successful results for me and I will always appreciate what he did for me during that difficult time in my life.”
“I have used the Jackson Law firm numerous times for both business and personal use. They are professional and I highly recommend them for all your legal needs. I have sent many friends over the years to them, and all have had positive results. I own a local business and have sent many customers to see Janet and Leo and they never let me down. They’ve made me feel like family and in times of trouble they have calmed me.”
“Leo handled my Workers Compensation matter.  Mr. Leo Jackson is a true professional. I hired him based solely on his reviews and I am so glad that I did. At our initial meeting, he was informative, understanding, and helpful. He explained the process and advised me of my rights as an injured worker. I never felt rushed or pressured. When questions would arise, he was easy to reach. He made the entire process seem easy and stress free. I wanted to settle my case for a lump sum and he did just that for me. He negotiated the best possible outcome for me and kept me in the loop the entire time. I am more then satisfied with my experience with Mr. Jackson.”
“Leo handled my Workers Compensation matter.  Leo P. Jackson represented me in a Workers’ Compensation case which he settled in arbitration. He is a person of high integrity, compassionate and understanding. I would not hesitate again to hire him as my attorney.”
“5 Stars for a Winning Attorney!  Leo Jackson handled my workers’ compensation matter.  He is an excellent attorney who settled my case through mediation and was extremely easy to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to be effectively represented and has competent knowledge & understanding of the law.”
“Peer Endorsement from Stephen Bresset, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney.  “Attorney Jackson is well versed in the law, always prepared with an excellent understanding of the facts and a “sixth sense” as to what will be an effective argument and method of presentation of a matter whether to the court or to a jury. This is uniquely talented attorney who, at all times, acts in the best interests of her client with full regard to the law, ethics and the finest attributes of a zealous advocate.”
“Peer Endorsement from Attorney Brian Taylor.  “I endorse this lawyer. Ms. Jackson is by far one of the best attorneys in the fields of criminal law and workers compensation in the Lehigh Valley and a premier trial attorney. I highly recommend her.”
“Peer Endorsement from Elissa Waldron, Divorce / Separation. “I endorse this attorneys work ethic, commitment to her clients, & creativity with application of the law.”